Posted by: Tess (Piyadassi) | April 29, 2011

To begin the between

It’s moving day! My bags are packed, I’m ready to go. Tomorrow morning I’ll be picking up my U-Haul truck and with the help of three stalwart friends, the cats and I will be heading to new digs.

Besides being the first time I’ve actually been completely packed the night before a move, this has also been the most stress free preparation for a move I have experienced. (Check with me next week to see if I’m still in accord with the peace I’m feeling right now.) Maybe my meditation has helped. Or maybe the ease comes from it being move #8 in three years. You gotta get it figured out eventually I suppose.

Of course along with the excitement of the new comes the leaving of the old. Each moment ends to make room for the birth of the next. This week I started hospice volunteer training with a group of compassionate, wise, funny and diverse people. Our first session dealt with beginnings, endings and what’s in between. Clearly our focus was on the dying and death process, of the phases of grief for the patients and its taxation on the hearts of loved ones left behind. The message is still potent for us all: there are steps from then to what will be.

The in between, the transitions, are the bridges between relinquishing what has come before and grasping what is before us. I like to think of a trapeze artist letting go of the bar and soaring into the void of trust that another bar or ready hands will be there to grab onto. Sometimes we work with a net, sometimes not. Sometimes the bar swings to us with perfect precision; sometimes we feel the crashing gravity of gravity. Yet even in our falls there’s the new situation we land upon that could be better than any known catch in the air. It is only in time and practice that we begin to see the in betweens as great flights of surrender from our endings and to each new beginning.

Sitting in the in between of packing and unpacking I’m feeling a spacious sense of peace. Saying goodbye to the known to reach out for the arms of the unknown. And with it the chance to fly.

Leaving on a Jet Plane“, words and music by John Denver



  1. Hey Tess…..the time has flown by! Wishing you continued peace in your move to the place you found and loved. Jack and Clause should love the bigness too. Enjoyed your words and the image of Cirque de Soleil came to me so fly girl fly! Love & Light, Lynn

  2. Tess,

    Congrats on starting hospice volunteer training! What a wonderful journey that is.


    p.s. If Tammy is in your group send her my regards.

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