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S’Wonderful…Life As a Human

One of my favourite online magazines is Life As a Human. Now I have the honour of being one of their guest authors. Yippee! Here’s a snippet:

“The first time I saw this film my mouth dropped and I was gobsmacked. The sensation I felt as I watched the diving, swirling dance playing out before me was incomparable. Wonder was my companion as I watched this phenomenon, not knowing at the time what was in the sky, if it was some sort of special effects wizardry or the pure presence of the unknowable. “

Have a read and let me know what you think. And tell your friends (more readers is good, very good.)

Wonder. S’beautiful.

Simply Lit

Often toward evening,
after another day, after
another year of days,
in the half dark on the way home
I stop at the food store
and waiting in line I begin
to wonder about people—I wonder
if they also wonder about how
strange it is that we
are here on the earth.
And how in order to live
we all must sleep.
And how we have beds for this
(unless we are without)
and entire rooms where we go
at the end of the day to collapse.
And I think how even the most
lively people are desolate
when they are alone
because they too must sleep
and sooner or later die.
We are always looking to acquire
more food for more great meals.
We have to have great meals.
Isn’t it enough to be a person buying
a carton of milk? A simple
package of butter and a loaf
of whole wheat bread?
Isn’t it enough to stand here
while the sweet middle-aged cashier
rings up the purchases?
I look outside,
but I can’t see much out there
because now it is dark except
for a single vermilion neon sign
floating above the gas station
like a miniature temple simply lit
against the night.

Sources: “Simply Lit” by Malena Mörling, from Astoria. © University of Pittsburg Press, 2006, courtesy of The Writer’s Almanac.


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