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My new website:

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” ~ Seneca

When I started this blog over a year and half ago it was with the intention of sharing my day to day life with all its turns and wobbles along the road of this human existence. I called it Suhurat… Day’s End to connect with the wonderful meaning of this Middle Eastern word, to go with what arises in life, and find the solace at the end of the day to gather my words on this intangible writing tablet.

I feel I have stayed true to that direction and with my ever deepening commitment to Buddhism it felt that the time had come to give this blog a more authentic name that spoke to the content of my posts and my practice.

So, a new website is born. It will still be my blog, in fact all the posts from this blog are waiting patiently over there now, but I also see it as broadening to share voices from others and serve to convey the changing directions of my life now and in the future.

Join me at If you are a subscriber to this blog you will automatically begin receiving emails from DHAMMA scribe. If you are not a subscriber, I hope you’ll sign up at the new site. You may of course unsubscribe at any time.

This will be the last post at Suhurat..Day’s End. Thank you for reading my words; I’ve treasured your visits and each of your comments.  I hope you’ll share your voice with me at the new website. We’ve got so much to talk about.

Prayer for What is Lost

by Stuart Kestenbaum

We are moving forward
or in some direction up,
down, east, west, to the side,
down the canyon walls,
watching the light fall
on the cliffs, which makes
the light seem ancient because
the red stone is hundreds
of millions of years old,
but the light is from today,
it is what the plants are moving
out of the earth to meet,
it heats the air that lifts the birds
that float and hover
over what is made from now.

“Prayer for What is Lost” by Stuart Kestenbaum, from Prayers & Run-On Sentances. © Deerbrook Editions, 2007.



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